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Pentax Management Consultancy Services Limited is an Internationally Recognized Christian Management, Development and Financial Services, Consultancy and Training firm. It is a fully owned Ghanaian firm with its headquarters in Accra and presence in Nigeria, Liberia and La Cote D’Ivoire. The firm was incorporated on 16th April, 1997.
main principles

Pentax Management Consultancy Services Ltd.

Our Vision
The vision of the firm is to be one of the leading management consultancy and training firms in the world.
Our Mission
Our Mission in the Medium term is to be the preferred choice in our core areas of business and specialisation in Ghana and the sub-region using competent, commitment and responsible team of experts and support staff working as a family with God first, partnership, quality service as our Corporate ethos.
Corporate Values

1. God First. Above all, God is the creator of our gifts and of our opportunities. We acknowledge Him as our guide, the source of our existence and the cause of our successes.
2. We are a family. We are more than co-workers and colleagues. We are brothers and sisters of one large family. We support and care for one another.
3. The client is the most important person to our premises. We are satisfied only when the client's problem is solved.
4. Our team extends to our clients' with whom we work to solve our problems.
5. Providing quality services and meeting deadlines is and shall remain our trademark.
6. Standard professionalism is our corporate culture.
7. Cost-effectiveness provides our competitive edge in the market.

What we offer

Our Services

Pentax Management Consultancy Services Limited is a multi-disciplinary team of Financial, Management, and Development consultants, specialized in the following areas

Human Resource Management
Systems Development

We offer Consultancy Services in the Development of Human Resource Policies, Training and Workshop Facilitation for both International and local clients for all categories of participants.


Human Capital Development

We provide Private sector development related Consultancy Services and undertake Business Development Services financed by Development Partner Organisations, related Financial Institutions and International and local Non-Governmental Organisations for MSMEs.


Leadership, Management & Entrepreneurship
Development for Christians

We provide Advisory Services on Institutional development and Capacity building for Savings and Loans companies, Microfinance Companies, Rural & Community banks and Credit Unions.


Private Sector Development

We undertake Socio-Economic Research, Baseline Surveys and practical design of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for Financial Institutions, Development organizations, Governmental Organizations and International Non -Governmental Organizations

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